Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Wildstar Desert Environment UPDATE

I wrapped up the various palm trees, made a lil' cactus from the big cactus protrusion by applying the tile I made, and made some spec adjustments to the asset's materials within UDK.

Here they be:

And here are the palm textures:

Still have a little square of space left. If I encounter anything small I need along the project, I'll squeeze it in there. Also I should note that though I'm displaying these at 512 in this thread, the actual maps are 1024 in UDK.  The assets are all player scale or larger and this is a personal project, so I figured it was alright.

Next I'm going to be starting on the terrain/landscape so I can get a real scene blocked in instead of using a default UDK scene.

Like always, comments and critiques are welcomed!

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