Saturday, March 5, 2011

Guildhall Mod 1 Art Dump

Hey everyone, since Mod 1 is now over I figured it was time for a massive post containing the bulk of the work I created during these last 7 weeks of class.  A couple of these will be repeats, but I felt it was best for everything to be in here primarily for family who doesn't check it regularly.  Anyways, umm....ALAKAZAM!!!  Or something like that.

This first section is from my Art Creation 1 class.  We aren't allowed to use normal maps yet, so no high poly creation either.  These are in chronological order.

Crate Lab Assignment

Barrel Lab Assignment

Table Lab Assignment

Crate and Barrel Lab Assignment

Crate Midterm

Catapult Lab Assigment

This next section is from my Drawing 1 class, again in chronological order.

Sketches done during lectures.

Speed Painting (30 minutes)

Speed Painting (45 minutes)

Midterm Speed Painting (45 minutes)

Weapon Render

2D Animation Assignment (top image is a GIF)

Portrait Assignment (bottom image is a GIF showing stages)

The following section is from my Game Design 1 class (in chronological order).

SPEED Computer Port Concept

TGP Alloyed Coalition Team Logo

TGP 1 Operation Tapioca Concepts

So there it is, this isn't all of the art that I created during this Mod, but its close to everything.  If I realize I forgot any images I had wanted to show, I'll update it again.  Enjoy.