Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Wildstar Desert Environment (Cory Loftis Concept), UDK

So a friend brought to my attention that I should probably post my WIP project on here as well as Polycount, so here it is.

I came to the realization a while ago that my portfolio was entirely lacking in the environment department. So I went on the hunt and ended up deciding on actualizing one of concepts that Cory Loftis generated for Wildstar:

I'm hoping that I end up doing it justice. : )

Some goals I have for this project:

1) Generate a quality environment for my portfolio.
2) Get better at generating hand-painted tileable textures.
3) Various UDK learnins' (vertex color in engine, texture blending, particle effects, etc.)

There are others, but I feel like those are the primary ones.

I've generated a prioritized asset list for the scene (subject to change):

Terrain Textures:

Cracked Clay
Rock (same as monolithic stones)

Palm-esque Bulb Tree
Palm Tree (combine or build this in conjunction with Palm Bulb Tree; build Bulb version, remove bulb for regular Palm version)
Red Flowers (primarily on bones)
Viney Red Fire Flowers
Medium Cactus
Large Cactus (huge thorns)

Large Monolithic Rocks
Small Rocks

Skull Variant 1
Vertebrae Variant 1
Rib Variant 1 (scale and adjust to create multiple variants)

Rocky Billboard (for background)

Terrain Textures:


Bare, Scraggly Tree
Spindly Cactus

Boulder Variant 1

Skull Variant 2
Dorsal Spike

Terrain Textures:
Rocky Dirt

Small Yellow Ground Flowers
Small Tube Plants (next to fire flowers)
Small Bulbous Cactus (or modify medium cactus to use for this as well)

Boulder Variant 2

Skull Variant 3
Rib Variant 2
Tail Bone

Wood Rope Bridge

With that asset list made, the first thing I did was block out each of the Priority 1 assets (the little rectangle on the right is player scale, I modified it a bit from the concepts established gargantuan scale):

From there I picked three assets to make first, a "small" asset (the large cactus, a "medium" asset (the bulb palm tree), and a "large" asset (one of the monolithic stones). On top of this I started noodling on the first terrain texture, cracked clay.

Here are the shots of the Large Cactus as of now:


Poly Paint

Low Poly Texture Progress

Low Poly in UDK


Palm Bulb Progress:

Hi Poly

Poly Paint

Low Poly in UDK

Textures so far...

I'm going to use the bottom right corner for the trunk tile. Similar to the set up I used on the cactus map.

Here is where I'm at on the terrain texture that I started

Haven't started on the large monolithic stone yet.

Still trying to work out a plan of attack since I've never tackled a huge rockface like that before.

Anyways, I just wrapped up my thesis artifact, so now I can dedicate more time to this project. : )

Comments and critiques are always welcome.


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