Sunday, October 10, 2010

SMU Sketchbook Contents

Alright, so as part of my application to the Guildhall, I was required to sketch certain requirements into a sketchbook that they provided.  The requirements were as follows:

-Figure poses/life drawings (3)
-Portraits (4)
          -include front, side, and ? views, male and female subjects, and one creature
-Architectural or environment drawings (2)
-A large animal, such as a horse or large cat (1)
-Conceptual art to show your imagination on a unique character for a movie or digital game (1)
          -include a drawing of the character and illustrations of where the character lives
-A graphic/commercial art example such as a logo, ad or banner (1)

Now from my understanding, these guidelines were left vague on purpose and were also viewed as the minimum amount looked for.  I just mailed off the sketchbook yesterday since the deadline is fast approaching, but managed to scan all of the contents before sending it out.  So, here they are:


  1. These are really good. Keep it up man. Btw the top sketch makes you look like a creepy man baby haha.

  2. Hahaha, thanks Rich. And yeah, that one turned out a little....soft. I suppose that's the word for it.